Home Owners, use the equity in your property to get out of high-interest debt.

Short term loans with companies such as; Africa bank, Old Mutual Finance and Capitec Bank, plus credit card and personal loan debt carry unsustainable high-interest rates.

But the high cost of living in South Africa is already difficult enough and when you add the high cost of loans it becomes almost unbearable to manage your finances.

We have found that clients are highly stressed and demotivated to see their hard-earned salary disappear to paying off high-interest loans.

Our solution is to help our clients regain a sense of self-worth and financial wellness that leads to a healthy and vibrant family environment.

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How we help you.

The Bond Optimiser home equity solution to help you get out of high-interest debt.

  • Because of lower interest rates, the related monthly payment can be significantly lower than what you are paying.
  • Loan limits may be higher than for other consolidation options such as personal loans or credit card consolidations.
  • Consolidating from multiple payments to a single payment once a month can lower the overall amount of money going out the door. 

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We focus on finance solutions that will help you SETTLE your short-term debt and RESTORE your credit profile.

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